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C.W. Group is a Utah-based, locally owned, operated and privately held real estate development group. We focus on multifamily, residential housing, mixed-use, land and retail developments throughout the state of Utah. We are founded on the principles of creating value through thoughtful land planning, progressive architecture and exceptional project-level execution. Using these strategies, we create extraordinary communities that are distinguished by these unique traits and elevate the greater fabric of our surrounding communities.

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In the realm of real estate development, C.W. Group crafts a unique narrative, beginning with meticulous site evaluations, navigating regulatory landscapes, and conducting thorough environmental analyses. Their diverse team collaborates to reshape spaces into dynamic, sustainable communities, emphasizing a deep integration with the local environment and fostering meaningful connections within the surrounding community.

C.W. Group excels in streamlined land development, orchestrating a meticulous process that spans feasibility studies, zoning compliance, and environmental assessments. With a multidisciplinary team, C.W. Group transforms raw land into sustainable communities, prioritizing environmental stewardship and community engagement for harmonious integration.

Within the innovative framework of C.W. Group, the integration of creativity and functionality is epitomized through their internal architecture firm, C.W. Design. This dedicated team operates at the intersection of vision and precision, conceptualizing and executing projects with a keen understanding of aesthetic appeal and practicality.

C.W. Group redefines autonomy in the realm of real estate development by serving as its own general contractor. This strategic decision empowers the company with direct oversight and control throughout the construction process, ensuring a seamless execution of their vision. By internalizing the role of a general contractor, C.W. Group not only optimizes efficiency and communication but also upholds a commitment to quality craftsmanship, positioning themselves as a self-reliant force within the dynamic landscape of real estate development.

C.W. Group’s holistic approach to real estate extends to the realm of sales and leasing, where they boast an in-house team dedicated to these crucial facets. With an intimate understanding of each development’s unique characteristics and value propositions, the internal sales and leasing team at C.W. Group operates as a dynamic force in the market. This integrated strategy not only enhances communication and coordination but also allows for a personalized, client-focused approach, ensuring that properties are not just built but strategically marketed and seamlessly transitioned to their new owners or tenants.

C.W. Group stands out in the real estate industry with its internal marketing department, a dynamic force that orchestrates the strategic promotion and positioning of their developments. This dedicated team is immersed in understanding the unique attributes of each project, allowing them to craft compelling narratives and innovative campaigns. By internalizing the marketing function, C.W. Group ensures a cohesive and targeted approach, effectively conveying the value of their properties to potential buyers or tenants, and maintaining a brand identity that resonates with the evolving dynamics of the real estate market.

C.W. Group exemplifies financial prowess in the real estate arena through its internal finance and accounting team. This dedicated group manages capital raising initiatives, strategically securing funds for projects while maintaining fiscal responsibility. Their meticulous accounting practices not only ensure transparency but also contribute to the overall financial health of C.W. Group’s endeavors. By internalizing these crucial functions, C.W. Group optimizes efficiency in financial operations, reinforcing its position as a self-sufficient and financially astute player in the real estate industry.

At the forefront of comprehensive real estate management, C.W. Group maintains a distinct advantage with its internal legal services. This in-house legal team plays a pivotal role in navigating the intricate legal landscape of real estate transactions, ensuring compliance, and mitigating potential risks. By having a dedicated legal department, C.W. Group not only streamlines processes but also demonstrates a commitment to transparency and ethical practices, safeguarding the integrity of their projects from inception to completion.

Our Team

Our Team


Colin Wright
C.W. Group
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C.W. Group
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C.W. Group


Chris Winter
Cole West Home
Scott Lalli
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Bryce Willardson
C.W. Build
Quin Stephens
General Counsel
C.W. Group
Walker Wood
Vice President
C.W. Urban
Sam Barlow
Vice President
C.W. Land Co.
Andrew Nielsen
Vice President
C.W. Design
Mark Clawson
Vice President of Operations
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Nick Meister
Vice President of Finance
C.W. Group
Jackie Walkington
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Cole West Home
Abbie Wardle
Vice President of Marketing
C.W. Group