C.W. Group  has been charged with managing a variety of assets that were acquired and developed by Colin’s father, Gary Wright and Wright Development. Gary’s legacy was always his family and as a result those assets are jointly owned by Gary’s children, Lara, Spencer, Colin, Emily and Chanel, the Millcreek Partners.

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About Gary

Gary Wright 1949-2020

Gary Wright was born in Mesa, Arizona and spent the first 19 years of his life in Chandler, Arizona. From 1968 to 1970 Gary served as a missionary in the Pacific Northwest States Mission. Gary often testified how these two years changed the rest of his life. Gary blessed many lives, learned to study, demonstrated hard work and gained a never-failing testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Washington.

Upon returning home from his mission, Gary enrolled at the University of Utah and graduated top in his class with a degree in Finance. He subsequently continued his education by earning an MBA from the University of Utah.

During Gary’s senior year at U, he met a freshman named Denise Hale, nine months after they met and fell in love, they were married in the Salt Lake City Temple on September 18, 1972.

Thanks to a great professor, and later on an amazing mentor, Ellis Ivory, Gary pursued a career in real estate development. Ellis and Gary were partners in land development and later in Ivory Homes. Gary exited Ivory Homes to start Wright Development where he built a strong commercial portfolio of Multifamily, Retail and Land assets. Gary was passionate about his career in real estate. His unique combination of finance, creativity, design, vision, building relationships and overcoming challenges made him uniquely talented to succeed in this field. Gary was an exceptional team builder and all that worked with him loved him and respected him. Gary’s business reputation was one of impeccable integrity and honesty.

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